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Our vision

We know that your dog is important to you, a member of the family.  We know because we feel the same.  Dogs play a huge part in our world and as a nation, our love for them is only growing as we are learning more and more about them and how they can help enrich our lives.  The bond created between a dog and a human is unbreakable, unconditional and in so many cases, the relationship is a lifeline, giving something back to a person which once was lost, completing a family or assisting medically, their limits are boundless.  With every day life being busy, it is easy to forget that your dog needs affection, stimulation, positive reinforcement and assurance that they are doing just great.

We created Zoomies Box to give owners the resources and time to give back to their dog in a fun and convenient way.  Each box is an opportunity for you as an owner to invest time in your dog and strengthen your bond.  Every item is hand packed and our ethos is instilled into every box with interesting toys and healthy treats and products, all wrapped up in a luxury unboxing experience to share with your dog which is sure to create some zoomies! Whats more is that we want to reward you too! Each delivery includes a special surprise owners gift for you to enjoy!  So what could be better? A happy pooch AND a happy owner? Yes please!

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